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Audio Guestbooks

How does it work?

Our audio guestbook service allows you to create a special and lasting memory of your event. You record an outgoing greeting for your guests, and we'll load it onto our audio guestbook phone. During the event, your guests can come up to the audio guestbook phone, listen to your greeting, and leave a message for you following the instructions on the provided sign. This gives you a unique way to capture the memories and emotions of your event.


Includes: Phone, Sign, Vase, and 34" bar top height table with white or black linen.

Guests using audio guestbook

After the event...

After the event, we compile all the audio files into a single file for you, and send a digital download for you to enjoy.

Not cool enough? Scroll down we have another option


Custom Vinyl Record

Our custom vinyl record is the perfect way to immortalize your special event! We take your audio guestbook files and press them into a vinyl record, so you can enjoy your memories in a classic, timeless way. Our records are high quality, and your audio will sound crystal clear - perfect for spinning on a record player. The record also comes in a beautiful sleeve with your own customized with your names & date,to make it even more special. Capture those special memories for years to come with a custom vinyl record

Audio Gallery VInyl record

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